Work/Life Balance
  • Are you feeling that 'your world' is getting more complex, busier and even more stressful than it was five years ago?
  • Are you having trouble making time for work and life?
  • Are you struggling to figure out how to be "more"—more relaxed, more peaceful and more joyful—more in control of your life?

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If so, then you are most likely out of balance.
5 things to improve life balance immediately
Live your life consciously and intentionally! To do this focus on four aspects of your life: Your Mind (Intellectual), Your Material World—your health and your wealth (Physical), Your Emotions (Emotional) and Your Spirit (Spiritual). Look at each aspect and ask yourself, "Am I in balance or out of balance?" in each area. If you are out of balance in a particular area, you can consciously counterbalance to bring yourself back into balance.
  • If you are out of balance in the Emotional aspect of your life, use the Physical to counterbalance: go for a run, work out, walk fast or use whatever physical activity you prefer. You could also use Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual combined to play a musical instrument or read something uplifting.
  • To counterbalance the Intellectual aspect of your life —where your mind is overactive—use the Physical (like hard exercise or a brisk walk) or the Spiritual (meditate, pray or connect with God/the Universe).
  • To counterbalance the Physical aspect of your life—like your Health—you can use the Physical and Spiritual to counterbalance by doing t'ai chi, yoga, various forms of martial arts or really anything that uses the mind and spirit to go beyond the body. Many people use their Spiritual capabilities alone to pray and meditate past their illness.
  • To counterbalance the Physical aspect of your life—like your Wealth—you can use the Intellectual aspect of your life to create a life plan that will bring more money or material things into your life.
  • To counterbalance the Spiritual aspect of your life ask yourself why you are out of balance spiritually—what is causing the imbalance? Use your Intellectual aspect to examine what is causing your imbalance. Is it fear or anger or lack of belief or the inability to tie into that aspect of yourself?
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